About My New Photos: Why I Enjoyed It So Much
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About My New Photos: Why I Enjoyed It So Much

I truly love sharing bits from my life with you. That is why I tried blogging on different platforms a few months ago and had a lot of fun doing it. I enjoy it very much and I think I am very good at it. I wrote about all sorts of things going through my head and happening to me. Did you read any of my blogs on Tumbrl or Blogger? If not, then you definitely should. But unfortunately, this means that because of that and all the wonderful things going on and the incredible people I have been meeting, I have forgotten about my own website a little bit.

I have now decided to bring my website back to life and tell you a little bit more about my latest photos and the fantastic photoshooting experience. I hope the photos show it and you will enjoy watching them.

As said, the life of an escort at the highest level is very eventful and dynamic. I very much enjoy the travelling and the elite events I have been attending and the incredible people I have been meeting. To be honest, even though I am quite disciplined, I did not have the time in the last year to do a professional photoshoot. Up until New Year’s when I decided to take the time for myself and let the camera of a well-known photographer do its job. Although I am used to the camera, I was still slightly nervous, but I did not have to worry. We did the photoshoot at a selected, luxurious location. I took with me a couple of fashionable seductive dresses and the sexiest pieces of luxurious lingerie. The whole experience was really nice and relaxed. A hairdresser and a make-up artist took care of me first, and then the photographer who made me feel completely relaxed with his humor and great advice, so that I really gave it my all. And I think we got really great photos that will make you happy. Enjoy!

Your independent elite escort,

Sofia Ivanova