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Autumn in Vienna – where and how

Despite having lived in Vienna for several years, I sometimes miss my Russian roots. Whenever this happens, I take a stroll through town to evoke my passion for Vienna architecture and prestige. Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year, with streets gradually turning into something warm and loving. The city will soon be adorned with Christmas lights, roast chestnuts, hot chocolate and pretzels. I do not want to spend this time of the year alone, therefore, I am asking you to come along. I want to give you a few pointers on where to take your date. A tip – these are also my favourite places to visit, so join me.

The Art History Museum is definitely one of them. I love art and visiting the museum on my day off is one of my vices. Luckily, this museum is across from the Natural History Museum, so we can visit that one as well. In autumn, nature puts on magnificent colours, from yellow to red, with occasional late green, all of which make an afternoon in the Stadtpark a must see. I will show you the gold statue of Johann Strauss and treat you to hot waffles, one of local specialities. The life of an escort is full of adventures, challenges and passion, but despite all that I still like to relax. By that, I mean go for a coffee and a chat, of course. Café Central is one of the most beautiful and renowned cafés in town. Home baked pastry and piano music. That’s what I call heaven. It is the epitome of romance, architecture and luxury.

We must not forget about the highlight of Viennese art. If you want to experience it, I will take you to the Vienna Opera House before dinner. They have a new show every night, so you will not miss a thing. Dinner at Dstrikt Steakhouse at the Ritz Carlton in Vienna is one of a kind. They offer a homely ambience with leather and wooden furnishings that create a wonderful atmosphere. A glass of champagne and roses at the dinner table can spice up the dinner with a bold romantic touch. After dinner, I would invite you to see the town with a glass of the best cocktail in your hand. This can all come true in Sky Bar 58. The views are simply breathtaking from one of the highest rooftop bars in town.

What happens after? Who knows? You can end our night as you please. You can take me to your favourite places or show me around your apartment. In any case, do not forget: Autumn in Vienna is something memorable, so join me and let’s explore it together.

You know where to find me.
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