Be my Valentine: Cliché, Romantic, and Sexy Until the Very End!
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Be my Valentine: Cliché, Romantic, and Sexy Until the Very End!

Valentine’s Day is here and I am so excited to celebrate love and romance. I know it’s not really a holiday, but it means a lot to me, so I always arrange it in advance to spend time with my favourite clients.

This day is far too romantic to spend it with somebody who I haven’t met yet. For me, this is a day when I can devote my time to just one person; the one who really deserves my attention. Because of my discretionary policy, I can’t really tell you who that lucky guy is, but I can let you in on another secret.

On Valentine’s I try to stick to one rule. According to that rule, I have to fill the day with as much romance as possible. This includes all Valentine’s Day’s clichés and traditions, because keeping them alive is the only way to really experience this holiday, at least in my opinion. It’s similar to Christmas. You can’t really feel the festive cheer, if you haven’t put up the Christmas tree and placed a few gifts or trinkets under it.

This is why I try to follow Valentine’s Day traditions, even though we might attract more attention because of it. 😊

My Valentine’s Day has to start with a romantic breakfast in bed, a lush bouquet of flowers, and delicious pralines made of the best chocolate. I slip into sexy lingerie – red colour is a must, which provides us with distraction for quite some time. I spice up the day with flirting and compliments, packed into short romantic and erotic texts, which I send when he least expects them. Our day ends with a romantic, candlelit dinner, where I take my date’s breath away with a fitted and alluring dress that enhances my feminine figure. I dab on his favourite perfume. During dinner we treat ourselves to a known aphrodisiac such as oysters. We end our evening with a playful and sensual pampering in a private spa complex that lasts until the early hours of the morning.