Bye Bye, 2018
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Bye Bye, 2018

The cities look like a fairy tale dream decorated with Christmas ornaments and lights. I feel like a princess whenever I walk around the bedecked Christmas market, enjoying sweet delights. December really is one of my favourite months. It’s the only time of the year when I too often treat myself to a dessert or two, including a delicious slice of Sacher cake. I adore looking for small gifts that make my loved ones and my friends joyful. I am delighted when I receive a present, especially when my secret Santa puts thought into my gift and gives me something that I don’t already own.

December is also the season of parties and what I love most about it is wearing one gorgeous outfit after another. That’s when I doll myself up, so that my escort’s jaw drops the moment he sees me. And then, we party till dawn!

Of course, there is much more happening in December … If you’re curious about what I’m doing, follow me on my social media channels, OK? But if you find yourself in need of a date to keep your company during a party, or to escort you to a dinner or a reception, please contact me as soon as possible.

Forever yours,
Sofia Ivanova