Come away with me in the night
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Come away with me in the night

Do you still remember this romantic song, sung by Norah Jones in her husky, sexy voice? What I love most about this song is its mood. Whenever I hear its tunes, I am instantly transported into an early summer morning and a warm embrace of my duvet. Its lyrics, on the other hand, don’t really suit me, as they don’t match my lifestyle anymore. I can’t even imagine travelling by bus (laughter). I prefer having my own freedom to crowds and following bus timetables; I love setting my own priorities and deciding for myself when to hit the road, be it with my car or with a chauffeur who comes to pick me up. Norah Jones’ song also reminds me of the fact that we’re all masters of our own fate and that it’s awfully nice to travel together. That’s why I’ve decided that, for me, summer is not over (no matter what the calendar says), which is why I’ll keep on travelling and taking holidays. One way or another. You are welcome to join me and, who knows, maybe we’ll set out on a journey together this very night.

Your independent companion,
Sofia Ivanova.