Escort at the highest level
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Escort at the highest level

Being an luxury escort I have learned how to offer and receive pleasure from my partner. I have to say that I love being young, smart, beautiful, sexy, and share this with people who want what I have.
For me being an escort does not mean only wearing nice dresses, bags with a known name on them or fancy shoes, I love my job so I want my clients to leave all stereotypes when they meet me and be prepared for something special, for a real lady that knows how to act and feels comfortable in any situation, even if we talk about a dinner in a known restaurant,opera, birthday party, a walk in the park or just a evening in a hot bed. “IMPRESSING” is the best word that characterise myself. I like impressing with my elegant look, with my personality, with my knowledge, wildness and energy. Hearing all these special words from my special clients offers me a lot satisfaction and I know I am doing my job at a high-level.

Maybe it is time for you to call me and convince yourself I am even better than I am presenting myself.
Your Sofia Ivanova