Haven’t we met before? - Escort (Independent) | Sofia Ivanova
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Haven’t we met before?

Hello, my name is Sofia and I live in Vienna. I am a professional Luxury Escort and I simply love my job. Maybe we’ve met, maybe we haven’t. I want to tell you a few things about me and my work. This will make it easier for us to meet.

I am of Russian descent, but I have lived in Vienna for a long time. My career is very important to me which means I am very committed to my work and passionate about it. I love meeting new people and having romantic relationships. Sometimes these can be very passionate and full of adventures, but that’s the way I am. I like to please my clients, which is why they have such a high opinion of me. If you want to hire me, you have to know there is no age limit, but you do need to be over 18, before we meet up. Unfortunately, we cannot discuss the prices, since every quality and skill has its own value. My schedule is very full, so please, do not ask for a discount. When you hire me, you hire a High Class Escort that will behave accordingly and you should too. There is no set list of services that I provide, which makes it easier for me to adjust to your needs. Do not be afraid to ask anything. I will also meet up with couples or I can bring a girlfriend who also works as an escort. You can be sure that my list of services is very comprehensive, but they can also be very specific, so do not hesitate to tell me your secret fantasies. I always bring different sets of lingerie and scanty outfits, but I can always bring something different if you want me to. Unfortunately, I cannot share my photos with you until we meet for the first time. All the photos on my website are real. I am doing my best to constantly update them as this is the only way to best present myself to my clients.

All the escorts have similar policies, therefore, these are no secret. The payment for the services is always made upfront and in cash. This provides a guarantee for both of us and you can be reassured that you will receive a high quality service. The payment should be in an envelope, hidden inside a present. We will find out if there is a chemistry between us within minutes. If there is none, we will respectfully say goodbye to each other and you can keep the envelope. I am well aware of the importance of discretion and I expect us to respect each other’s privacy. Everything that happens here, stays here.

I hope that we will hit it off and that I can fulfil your secret desires.

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