I am a busy bee
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I am a busy bee

I have a pretty full agenda for the coming summer. I have a couple of very interesting weeks ahead when I’ll be trying out a couple of different roles. Just like some actress. I’ll be someone’s girlfriend for a couple of days, I’ll be spending a weekend at an exotic destination with another client. In the meantime, I’ll go sailing and I have a couple of dates lined up. I love all of it and I have been very much looking forward to wearing all my new cocktail and evening dresses, to cover my face like a lady with a large, custom-made elegant hat and black sunglasses… I’ll glow again in a sexy black dress! I think every woman needs to have such a dress as part of her summer wardrobe, especially in combination with sun-kissed skin. I try to catch some sun every day and if it’s possible, I regularly sunbathe on the weekends without any clothes. I like the sun a lot, it makes me happy and it fills me up with energy. But since I don’t like the white lines that stay on the skin because of swimsuits, I only wear them when I’m on the beach or by the pool with people I don’t know. But otherwise, I don’t wear them. I would like for you to join me next time for us to enjoy the sun together while sipping chilled champagne.

Your escort,
Sofia Ivanova.