I can be whatever you want me to be | Sofia Ivanova
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I can be whatever you want me to be

The summer of an elite escort professional is always full of surprises. I can’t wait to see what comes next. So many things happened already, so I would like to thank my incredible clients, who make my days so special. I hope I made a part of your day, night, or even the whole weekend magical.

This month I am playing several different roles, so my suitcase is always packed and ready for my next adventure. Sometimes I feel like one of the Bond girls or one the women from Sex and the City, and not like a professional escort from Vienna. My favourite part is playing a lover. Recently a client made me feel like Jane from Tarzan, when they took me on a holiday to Bali. Now I can’t wait to put on all my gorgeous dresses that I have prepared for my next trip to the Mediterranean coast. Can you imagine me on a yacht wearing a big straw hat, black sunglasses, and my favourite leopard bikini? To be honest with you, I prefer not wearing a bikini at all, because I’m already so tanned and I don’t want any tan lines on my skin. That’s way I love spending my days on a beach, where we can be alone, so I can take off my bathing suit and soak in the sun. Magical.

But nothing beats returning back home to Vienna, where I can be an elegant lady with a small clutch, sunglasses, a tight dress and high heels. Every morning I have breakfast and cup of coffee in my favourite café. After lunch, I take some time for myself and relax, so I can be ready for the evening. When my make up, hair, and outfit are all perfect, a car usually takes me to a prestigious restaurant, where I meet my clients. Just the other day I visited one of the best rooftop bars in Vienna. There are no words that can describe how beautiful that view was. When we go back to our hotel room, I become your fantasy. I want to take your breath away and make our date unforgettable.

If that’s something you’re looking for, contact me the next time you’re in Vienna.

Yours truly,