(I was) Kissed By The Sun
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(I was) Kissed By The Sun

Summer is almost over and the sun has given everyone around me a golden tan. Including me. My skin is golden brown and the best part is that I don’t even sunbathe all that much. I get bronzed quickly, which is why I need to make sure that I don’t get too tanned. And you know what? I rarely apply sun cream. Of course it’s always in my bag, but I only use it as an excuse to make my companion massage it into my skin. Then it’s my turn. If I’m honest, I use sunbathing more as a pretext for enchanting men with my feminine figure that is accentuated by my sexy bikini.

Then, the flirting can begin. I think that applying sun lotion can be a very sensual and sexy ritual. It’s like an erotic massage, which reveals a lot to the other person. We can use it to hint at what they can expect from us and what we want from them. Some say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But I believe that the best way to reach a man’s heart is with the hands or a massage. Especially, if we use a scented tanning oil instead of an ordinary sun cream. This can turn a mundane chore, well, into foreplay, which can ultimately end in a completely different manner.

Of course, whatever happens between my companion and me remains a secret. I am very discrete, but at the same time, my creativity and imagination know no bounds. When the two are combined, you get to spend a fantastic evening, afternoon, or a couple of days with me, be it in Vienna or another part of the world. The most exciting and fulfilling gift you can give yourself is an evening with me.

I look forward to your call,


Sofia Ivanova