Let's Warm You Up
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Let’s Warm You Up

Now it’s official. Not only it is autumn because the calendar says so, but the temperatures outdoors also suggest that autumn really has begun. Even though summer is my favourite time of the year, I also have a soft spot for autumn. I love putting on warm, woolly clothes and style them with short black leather or tweed skirts and sexy stockings. I usually throw on an elegant cashmere coat. Since I live in a big city that has its own special microclimate and where the mornings are foggy and cool, I love going far above the ground. To the top floors of Viennese skyscrapers or hotels, where I sip on my coffee or an aperitif (depending on time of day and my company) and just enjoy the spectacular view.

There are other ways I use to escape the cold. My job helps me do just that. When I’m in a riveting male company, even a foggy and chilly autumnal day turns into something I’m excited about. Dates in autumn are even more romantic than summer rendezvous (can that even be?). I think that the cold outside makes you men crave warmth, and allows you to be more open, making the conversations more authentic.

Do drop by Vienna. Together, we can turn a cold autumn day into a wonderfully warm adventure.

Your independent companion,