Sofia Ivanova | One of my passions: sexy clothes
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One of my passions: sexy clothes

What makes an escort different? Good question, thinking about it I found one thing that makes me special. People’s passions are different: reading, painting, writing, collecting but one of my passion is DRESSING SEXY, I really like wearing that tight dresses or skirts, slim jeans, nice blouses with a deep neck opening. Being a luxury independent escort and offering people unforgettable moments is a part of me. What else in this world can be more pleasant for a woman then being admired and desired by men and I am really happy that my VIP escort life is full of events where I can put my favourite Louboutin high heels, make my red manicure, put on stockings, a elegant tight dress and let myself being in the centre of the party surrounded by hot desirable looks, looks that are imagining how would it be to feel my sexy body.

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