New Photo Shooting - New photos to admire me
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Sofia Ivanova Foto Shooting

New Photo Shooting

Hello to all my dear readers,
I love sharing with you happy moments and adventures from my luxury escort life. Not so long time ago I took a new photo shooting, I already received the new photos and I can say that they really represent me. Now I will tell you how everything started.
I had the idea of taking a new photo shooting long time ago because I was feeling that my old photos did not make justice to me anymore, as time pasted and I changed a lot in the good way.
Photos were taken by an amazing photographer, which I would like to say thank you for the great job. I will not say his name but I can tell you that his clients include: Playboy, FHM, Elle, Cosmopolitan, advertising for Adidas, Levi’s and many others. He is the best in my opinion for fashion and glamour photography.
Nice morning in a nice city that I visited for the first time. The car is full with things for the new photos and I am nervous as I will meet a great photographer. The studio makes me feel even more nervous, the make-up girl is waiting for me and she is very nice with me, asking my opinion about everything, which I like. Photographer comes to meet me, he is happy to take photos to a 100% natural high class escort. Nice to hear that it past a long time since he did not make photos for a beautiful completely natural girl.
Even if the next 7-8 hours were more fun than work, I hope you will appreciate the result of a professional team. I loved this experience and I will keep in touch with you. I promise I will have new photos all the time to make your days happier.
Your luxury independent call girl,

Sofia Ivanova