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Take me places

When did you last buy yourself a gift? It doesn’t have to be a huge or expensive gift. It can be something small, something that flatters and makes you happy. I have something for you that you simply won’t be able to refuse.

The so-called ‘Professional Companion‘ package is a date with a special mistress, and the perfect gift on this hot summer day. This date will rekindle a fire in your eyes, wake you up and prepare you for all the challenges you have to face. It’s holiday season, so don’t hesitate to contact me. You never know, where I may end up tomorrow. Maybe on sunny Ibiza or on the shores of beautiful Lake Como in Italy. The most sought-after escorts in Vienna are always busy, since we take pride in the quality of our work. Not only that, we’re also very professional and discrete. We value privacy, so you don’t need to worry. I suggest you book a date in advance or as soon as you know when you’re around or have time to spare. If you fancy a summer getaway, an elite companion is just what you’re looking for. We can have fun on a yacht, visit a Mediterranean city or enjoy evening galas. For an even more perfect day, here’s a tip for you: I love seafood, empty beaches, and loads of sun.

A true gentleman makes sure our correspondence remains professional. I also have a few rules I’d like us to follow in order for everything to go as smoothly as possible. It’s especially important not to pay for services in public. The whole process must be professional and discrete, but I know you’re like that by nature, so I’m not worried at all. I’ll let you in on more details in our first conversation. We don’t have to delve into personal stuff, but rather make our date as mysterious as possible. This way, we’ll be able to enjoy our time together more and completely lose ourselves in the moment. 

I’m really looking forward to our summer adventures. Find my contact information under the tab.

Until we meet,