This Friday we celebrate women! - Women’s Day | Sofia Ivanova
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This Friday we celebrate women!

Friday, 8 March is a very special day, because it’s International Women’s Day! In my homeland, Russia, this day is a national holiday, so no one goes to work, instead they celebrate the achievements and triumphs of women. Here in Austria, things are different – 8 March is a normal working day, but I plan on spending my day slightly differently nonetheless. I will take some time for myself and watch a movie about independent and strong women who changed the world, but I will also meet my girlfriends and go out clubbing. Mainly because I can! To think that it used to be completely normal and even expected for women to stay at home and spend time cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the kids … It was unacceptable for women to go to university, get a job, and take care of herself …

I am deeply grateful to be able to live in a cosmopolitan and extraordinary Vienna, where I can be exactly what I want to be and live my life the way I want to.

I am happy to have chosen the career of a professional and elite escort, because this profession enables me to have a completely independent lifestyle and, yes, a high income which is equivalent or even higher than the earnings of men in this line of work. I love the fact that I can doll myself up and look beautiful and that it’s completely acceptable and even desirable to do so (there are still many parts of the world where this is not the case).

But mostly, I am glad that I am surrounded with people who know that women are intelligent, powerful, and completely equal to men. If you agree with me, send me a bunch of flowers this week as a token of your support. You should know by now which ones are my favourite. If you’re still not sure, you can always call or text me and I’ll be more than happy to let you know …

Your Sofia