Wild Thing
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Wild Thing

For the last couple of days I can’t seem to get Tone Loc’s song Wild Thing out of my head. It’s not a recent track, but ever since I heard it in a taxi a few days ago, it’s stuck in my head. I’ve been humming it everyday. Songs have taken on a different meaning for me the day I started working as a professional VIP companion. VIP escorts enjoy the lifestyle of affluent and wealthy clients. Our clients contact us when they need a date to accompany them to social gatherings, to join them for dinner in a fancy restaurant, to play the role of their girlfriend or wife, or even to keep them company on their holidays. That’s right. We are appreciated for our distinctive features, which are like a cocktail of beauty, sensuality, cosmopolitan sophistication, and intelligence. But I won’t lie to you. It is this very mixture that sparks a flame, so that sex becomes the most natural way to continue our wonderful dinner date. Not exactly like in the song, but it feels the same.

If you want to see where one date can take us, call me right away, so we can arrange a meeting.

Yours forever,
Sofia Ivanova.